~Stan on puppy duty with 6 wk old Ella x Storm pups in their indoor play area~

No litter plans at this time.
*Please note that I do NOT ship puppies as cargo. 
*Please note that I do NOT place puppies in homes with invisible fences*.  You MUST have a physical barrier fence.
If this litter does not fit your needs, please contact the Weimaraner Club Of America's Breeder Referral at wcareferral@fuse.net to inquire about upcoming litters from other WCA member breeders in your area.


Featured below, are potential litters  from other reputable breeders that are friends of mine, that will reside in other locations.  Puppy contact information for these litters is provided in each respective write-up. 
~None at this time~


~~About Zauberhaft Pups~~

All potential Zauberhaft puppy owners will be screened by us in order to help determine if a Weimaraner is right for you, and if so, to help place the right puppy with the right owner. A signed Zauberhaft Puppy Contract is also required in order to bring one of our puppies into your family. This ensures the puppy is protected (in a loving home) for its lifetime and also helps to protect the future of the Zauberhaft breeding program.  We will not place puppies with families living in apartments/condos, nor homes without a fence.

Our puppies are raised in our house with all of our dogs participating in their social development. We shower them with lots of love and attention. The pups will have been exposed to different surfaces, stairs, the out-of-doors, water, kids, car rides and public places, and crate and potty training is started, before the puppies go to their new families’ homes at 8 weeks of age. We utilize the “Bio Sensor” ( Early Neurological Stimulation) Program developed by the U.S. Military for producing high achievers. We also administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test at 49 days of age to assess aptitude and temperament for optimum family placement.  Links to both can be found on under Health/Breeding Related Sites on the Links page.

We will, and expect to, take back the pup at any point during its life if it can’t remain with it’s family, for any reason. We will always make ourselves available for any questions, issues, training help/referrals for all of our pups. Conversely, we love to get photos, e-mails and phone calls telling us how each pup is doing as it grows up and what great things it has achieved.

Educate Yourself!  Please read this article from the Weimaraner Club of America on choosing a Weimaraner breeder and purchasing a Weimaraner puppy: http://www.weimclubamerica.org/puppies/index.html