CH Creekside N Zara's Renne TDX MH RDX VX3

Renne lives in Boulder, CO with his human companion, Ken Koebel.  Ken describes Renne as the quintessential, hunting companion; who at 9 yrs of age still hunts hard.  He has never met a dog (male or female) or person he didn't befriend!  I met Renne this past fall and was taken with his sweet personality, and his excellent working abilities, as he easily passed the difficult RDX (Retrieving Dog Excellent) test in a polished manner.  He is also a beautifully built, athletic dog.  Below is his pedigree (he comes from versatile lines with littermates who have additionally achieved show championships and advanced hunting, retrieving, obedience, and agility titles)....and some beautiful working photos, along with one "pretty boy" shot!

OFA Hips: WE-11411E112M-VPI (Excellent)
OFA Elbows: WE-EL1248M112-VPI (Normal)

Renne's pedigree

Renne & Ken

~on point~

sent for the retrieve and honoring his vizsla hunting partner

holding thru the flush and showing a finished gun dog retrieve

winter 2010 Kansas pheasant hunt and training for the NAVHDA UT test - duck search

Show Championship