The ‚Äúūüáļūüáł Born In The U.S.A. ūüáļūüáł‚ÄĚ Litter

GCh Josh To Shine Of Fairy Wings JP JH, SD, NRD, V  x Ch Greyborn’s Celestial Total Eclipse To Zauberhaft 

(Josh x Gianna)

~Puppy pedigree~

 Gianna has been bred to Josh..  Pregnancy confirmation (ultrasound) showed 8 or 9 pups!!  They’ll be born the September 11th wkd.  See Gianna’s page for her health  clearances and to learn more about her journey to Zauberhaft from Florida and back.  Josh is an import from Japan and is owned by his Sire’s owner.   See the Ad below to learn more about his accomplishments.  Both dogs are happy, sound, healthy, and beautiful examples of the breed.  Josh is currently working on advanced hunting titles.  Gianna is working on obedience and tracking prowess in between her motherhood duties.